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Victoria started engaging with the tarot and with astrology as tools for self-exploration in 2015; turns out that was a great time to start this work, as Saturn was in Sagittarius preparing her for her Saturn Return in Capricorn, and as that was also a Tower year for her soul. Since these beginnings, she has developed a practice that integrates tarot with astrology, with the goals of self-empowerment and greater self-understanding through these tools. She finds astrology to be a fantastic way to help us better recognize our strengths, weaknesses, talents, and where me get off track, all with the goal of helping us move through life with greater self-compassion, alignment, and soul connection. In conjunction with the tarot, we can illuminate what energies we need to be aware of and where to turn our intuitive focus. The goal is to use astrology and tarot to help us grow, not to root us in fear.

Victoria has taken courses in tarot and astrology from Lindsay Mack, Kathleen Callahan (Daughter of Wands), Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez (The Spiritual Gayz), Erin Aquarian, and Jeff Hinshaw (Cosmic Cousins). Currently reading “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets” by Barbara Hand Clow. She has been giving astrology and tarot readings in-person and virtually since 2019, and has previously taught courses on the Astrology of the Tarot. Currently, Victoria offers the following astrology and tarot readings virtually, with a recording and pictures of your cards sent to you after each reading:

•   30-minute tarot reading for $45

 Perfect for touching base about a few questions you have!

•   60-minute tarot reading for $90

Ideal for if you have more complex or interrelated questions that you would like to engage the tarot with!

•   45-minute astro-tarot reading for $75

Tarot reading to help you connect with your natal chart and select transits

•   60-minute astro-tarot reading for $100

Tarot reading to engage more deeply with aspects of your natal chart and transits

•   60-minute natal chart reading for $100

A chance to delve into your natal chart and start your journey of connecting with what it shares about who you are

•   30-minute natal chart follow-up for $50

Follow-up mini astrology readings for prior astro clients, to delve back into a particular area of interest in your chart or impactful transit
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