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Venus in Pisces

The transit of the rose-colored glasses. We’re definitely feeling the exhale here as the planet of connection enters the sign of dreams.

Venus has finally left behind Saturnian-ruled and Uranian-ruled signs and some of the harshness that can come through in Capricorn and Aquarius transits. Now I am a natal Venus in Capricorn, and I love it…but I also get the exhale we’re feeling now. Venus in Pisces (Jan 26 9:32pm EST - Feb 20 2:55am EST) is a gorgeous time of seeing life through the rose-colored glasses. Pisces generally can push us towards seeing the potential in anything, towards connection with the dream, towards the mystical vision, and with Venus being manifested through this filter, that means that these are the characteristics we’re all putting towards our relationships, our connections, our values, our ideals of beauty. The feelings of sweetness and pleasure that come from being lost in the dream, swimming in the sea of possibility, floating in the mystical fog. The beauty and sensual experiences we explore spiritually, intuitively, emotionally. This is an absolutely gorgeous transit to have for anything related to love, that dreamy sweep-me-off-my-feet sensation, the romance of it all, that nostalgic tender feeling you get when you see that old photo filled with love.

The shadow side of this transit is exactly that — we can get so lost in out fantasies and our hopes about what is happening, that we may ignore the the truth of what is happening in our relationships. We may place so much value on the feeling, the sensation, the gut hit, that we ignore the tangible warning signs. The rose-colored glasses might cause us to gloss over real flaws. The mists of time and the tender upswell of feeling may overwhelm our other senses, fog our brains. This isn’t the best time to indulge in mind-altering substances around anything related to relationships or values, because we might find ourselves totally swept away out to the seas without the oars to paddle with. Not to make you afraid, but to help us all to enjoy all the fizz and sparkle while also making sure we’ve got some solid ground to help us out.

When Venus moves into Pisces, it moves into a sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune is the planet of dissolution and transcendence. It represents where in our charts we want to come apart, where we want to go beyond this world, where we may most feel the drive to disconnect and disassociate. As Liz Greene writes in The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, “Neptune’s domain is the interface between myth and infancy” (188). Neptune is a planet of our fluidness, it speaks to how we bend and blend and shapeshift, and what role doing so plays in our lives. Neptune is a slow planet, taking 164 years to circle around the astrological wheel, and so it is a generational planet.

Venus under the influence of Neptune elevates the mystical and artistic impulses, especially as Neptune will be in Pisces the entirety of the Venus transit. When Venus enters Pisces, Neptune will be conjunct Vesta in Pisces. Vesta is the asteroid goddess of the hearth, the dedication to tending our inner selves. So Neptune conjunct Vesta ruling this Venus brings an important connection to how these dreams stoke our inner fires. A need for our creative visioning to be seen as sacred and worthy of worship, tending, ceremony, and ritual. Vesta leaves Pisces before Venus, and I think her sacred mark on this transit is quite essential. Dreaming of the relationship to one’s self that creates home. Intuitive guidance to how we can dedicate ourselves to our values. The fertility of self and the fertility of love, coming together through the connection to the divine.

Greene, Liz.

1996. The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption. Boston: Weiser Books.

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