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Welcome to the Journeys - Musings on the New Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to The Journeys of the Goat, a blog to give us space to talk about all things astrology, including transits, planetary deep-dives, tarot pulls, tarot card musings, and more! I figured we’d start by talking a bit about this New Moon in Aquarius, which had a lot of very juicy aspects that really makes it feel like the right way to kick off 2023. So, happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate!

This is the New Moon chart from our location in New Hampshire, at 3:55pm EST on January 21. There are a few things that really stick out to me right away when we think about what kinds of seeds we are all planting with this New Moon. Where we are based, the New Moon is occurring in the 7th house of relationships, connections, one-on-one connections. So it’s about what we’re laying the groundwork for in those realms. How we can do the work in the realms of partnerships. Sun-Moon in 1° Aquarius are conjunct Pluto at 28° Capricorn. This is an out-of-sign conjunction (the planets involved in the aspect span two signs), which doesn’t diminish its power or potency whatsoever. This means that the new seeds we’re planting need to be transformative and need to take into account power dynamics. We are starting expansive and unique projects that may dig up something old and buried. We are planting seeds for the collective that reach down into the underworld, that are not afraid of the darkness and the germination time. A Pluto-aspected New Moon is not messing around; this is a New Moon to really celebrate the darkness, the unknown, the mysterious, that which you may normally fear. To connect with what wants to be hidden and the journeys of and through power. Then all of this is sextile Jupiter and Juno who are conjunct in Aries. This means this New Moon is sparked by a strongly relational aspect, that there is intense energy to go forth and come together. What we plant this New Moon will be expansive and magnetizing, so it’s even more important that we are aware of and thoughtful about what we are planting. The magnetism will bring something that is committed to us and that we commit to, all for what we are called to put out into the world. When Juno and Jupiter come together, there is a lot of power, a sense of harmony that creates space for more growth to occur. This is a lot of energy that sparks movement for what we create and plant at this New Moon and gives it power to start to do the work to become manifest. Venus and Saturn are entering their conjunction, which will be exact at 24° Aquarius. This means that responsibility for our relationships is a key aspect of this New Moon. That it is time to decide what we are truly committing to and make sure that it is aligning with our values. Creating beauty through how we use boundaries to create space for what truly matters to us. The relationship may be “out there”, but it needs to be out there in a way that aligns with our priorities, our way of connecting, and what matters for creating our foundation. It’s about making sure that what we’ve been doing in our connections is actually what we want, and taking responsibility for making sure that’s true. This is especially an important aspect during this New Moon, as Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius; the Venus conjunction softens Saturn’s rulership a little bit, and creates a bit more space for love and softness to lead the way for this cycle. There are some other important parts of this chart overall as well. Mars and Mercury have finally stationed direct, and the only planet that is in retrograde motion is Uranus, although it has now stationed direct at the time of me writing this. That means that the New Moon is primed for forward movement and action, and is much less reflective than most of our lunar cycles have been recently. When we’re working with this New Moon on an individual basis, we can look to what house the New Moon is occurring in for our charts, and see if it’s aspecting any of our natal planets. The New Moon falls in my 4th house of the home, comfort, family, creating my space. So this is going to be a lunar cycle with a personal focus around building a sense of home in some way, which is interesting because I am starting to look at places for a move upcoming in June. A New Moon that, for me, requests that I spend my energy looking at how I create my sense of comfort and safety in my home. I don’t have any natal planets conjunct this New Moon. Where is this New Moon falling for you? Do you have any planets or important points that are being aspected by the New Moon? How do you like to work with New Moon energy?

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